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The Company was formed in 1998 by Andrew Fitzpatrick, former Chairman of Don Bluth Entertainment. While at DBE Andrew raised over US $160 million for film production. He also did all distribution deals from major studio deals to selling territory by territory, medium by medium. Andrew Fitzpatrick has over 23 years experience in the Entertainment Industry.

Monster’s strategy is to build a number of long-running series into international television, video/ DVD brands through ensuring the widest possible distribution and ancillary exploitation. For each programme we take on, we work towards building it into a brand, across TV, video, multimedia, internet etc. and try to ensure that it becomes, where, appropriate, a long-running programme.

We will distribute any quality programme with worldwide appeal. We started in children’s programming, but have since added music, documentaries, features, and adult comedy shorts. Monster’s catalogue contains high quality, high-profile programming and is building rapidly.

On occasion Monster has invested in some programmes. We like to get involved early and advise as to how to shape programmes for the international market.

Though an international company Monster Distributes office is located in Dublin. We attend about 10 markets a year including:

  • MIP TV
  • Kids Screen
  • NRB
  • Cartoon Forum
  • Annecy
  • and airline programming market WAEA
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